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The Wellness Initiative Programme

Tests for early detection of disease

We are pleased to say that this initiative has been well recieved by many surgeries and it has offered them the following benifits:


  1. An Affordable, but comprehensive profile list of tests
  2. Possible early detection of disease
  3. Value for money and reassurance for pet owners
  4. Increased revenues for veterinary practice


All this is offered to you for a great price. So if you have not already tried out this initiative then please contact our team on 01483 797707 they would be more then happy to provide you with wellness leaflets to increase awareness for pet owners. See all the details of our Wellness Initiative Programme

Pharmaceutical Link-ups

Huge discounts on numerous test profiles

We at Greendale pride ourselves for offering our clients the best value service without compromising on quality. Did you know that Greendale has linked up with top pharmaceutical companies such as Bayer Animal Healthcare and Intervet Schering-Plough Animal Health, to offer our customers huge discounts on numerous test profiles?

Lungworm Screening Profile

You will be aware that, lungworm, Angiostrongylus vasorum (sometimes called French heart worm), is on the increase in areas of the UK. See details of our Lungworm Screening Profile.

There have been known tragic cases of pets having had the symptoms of coughing, dyspnoea, clotting disorders and neurological problems. In these cases, lungworm has not been considered, with the potential of late or mis-diagnosis.

Trilostane Monitoring Profile

When using Trilostane in dogs it is recommended to monitor biochemistry parameters at regular intervals particularly checking for primary hepatic and renal disease, and diabetes mellitus.

Any overdosage may affect sodium and potassium levels as well as decreasing cortisol levels.

We have therefore developed a Trilostane monitoring profile which includes:

ACTH stim test, Total protein, Albumin, Globulin, A/G ratio, Urea, Creatine, Glucose, ALT, ALP, Na, K and Na:K ratio

Sampling requirement: 2 serum samples.

Current Research Projects

Greendale assists with many research projects and at the moment are involved with:

  1. Use of Convenia in dogs with pyoderma
  2. Studies on Ca and Vitamin D levels in African Grey Parrots (to be submitted as part of an MSc study)
  3. Studies on Iron Storage disease in some Primate species